Grand Zodiac

Grand Zodiac Returns

Are you ready for more challenges? Grand Zodiac has returned
to Pangya Island. Grand Zodiac, also known as the hole-in-one
mode, presents challenging shots and amazing prizes.

Hole Repeat Mode

Is ‘Perfection’ your middle name? Does the giant gate at Hole 5
of Lost Seaway always get you? Can’t get on to the ice ramp on
Hole 1 of Ice Spa? Practice with the Hole Repeat Mode.

Hole Repeat Mode

Club Card Patcher

Looking for that extra edge? Customize your club sets using the
Club Card Patcher and give it all new stats. Push it to the limit
by adding cards to your favorite club sets!

Club Card Patcher

Dress Designs

Great news for fashion designers of Pangya Island. Long Dress
Self Designs are now available. Amaze fellow Pangya
Players with your designs!

Dress Designs Level Up Faster

Level Up Faster

We got your back!

Level up requirements have been changed in your favor, while level up
rewards have gotten better. The Necklace of Fortune, which gives
you an increased Pangya Impact Zone, will continue to you a
boost until Semi-Pro A.

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