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Make it Stick! (New Achievements)
Take on the Challenges below before the deadline and get Exclusive Decoration Items
A Club Set for the Wise!
Club Set of Wisdom is available in Pangya Shop on April Fool’s.
Check into Pangya Island
Pangya Island is taking attendance! Log on to Pangya every day, play for 30 minutes and receive an attendance check. Compile these attendance checks to receive prizes. Grand Prize awaits those who get perfect attendance!
Spika Voice Club Set
Spika has something to say to those of you on Pangya Island. With the Spika Voice Club Set, Spika receives 27 unique speech lines for different situations on Pangya Island. Turn up the volume and listen to what she has to say by grabbing a Spika Voice Club Set today!
Hearts and Kisses!
Hunt for Heart Pieces and Bring them to Cadie’s Cauldron for Prizes
The Curious Case of Cadie
Accumulate points for logging in and playing Pangya. Exchange your points form Cadie’s Prizes
Luxury Gold Shopping Bonus
Great news for the stylish shopaholics on Pangya Island! Step up your game with all exclusive Luxury Gold Club Set! Spend anywhere from 5,000 Points to 30,000 Points during the Shopping Promotion period to receive various rewards.
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