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Pangya Shop Update!
Pangya Shop is getting an update! New variations of A.H.M.I.E are being added and a special new mascot will be available as a permanent item!
The Halloween Spirit
All over Pangya Island, there have been a suspicious amount of sightings of ghosts within recent days. No one knows where they came from and how they got here, but one thing we do know is how to capture them!
Open Your Spinning Cubes 5th Update!
Professor Cadie is collecting opened spinning cubes.
Gothic Brides & Freaky Costumes
It's time to get this freaky Halloween started off right! Get ready to hunt for a new lover in the Gothic Bride sets or get into costume from one of the sets from yesteryear. No matter what you decide, make sure to have a Happy Halloween!
Nisemonogatari x Pangya Pt 2
Wickedly Divine
With Halloween right around the corner, the residents of Pangya Island are getting into costume! The girls are getting gussied up in their favorite bewitching outfits, while the boys are ready to strut their stuff in their divine sets! Grab these outfits for yourself while you still can!
Happy Birthday Nuri!
Say Happy Birthday to Nuri! Pangya Island's favorite troublemaker is celebrating his birthday on 10/08! Don't miss out on this special event for Nuri!
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