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A Club's Inner Voice
Soren is working hard to become an artist just like her sister Myuren. Despite being a bit clumsy, she does mean well. To make her sister happy, Soren is holding an event to increase people's masteries.
Spika Self Designs
Calling all self-design fashion designers! Spika's self-design outfits are now available in shop! Let your creativity run wild and create sassy outfits for Pangya Island's favorite alien, Spika!
End of Summer Shopping Bonus!
Who doesn't like to receive extras while shopping?! From after the maintenance until 10/09, spend at least 5,000 RP up to 40,000 RP and receive various rewards!
Let's Play Abbot Mines!
Can't get enough of Abbot Mines? Well now you can get rewarded while playing an 18 Hole Tournament!
Happy Birthday Nell & Max!
Many might have wondered if we were going to pass over Nell’s birthday celebrations, but of course that isn’t the case! Nell’s wish was to celebrate her birthday with her favorite motorcycle rider, Max! Don’t miss out on these birthday celebrations!
Club Workshop Promotions
In commemoration of the new Club Workshop System, select clubs sets will be available for purchase.
Reduce Your Quit Rate
Don't you hate it when your game disconnects for no reason? Are you tired of people seeing your quit rate and thinking you leave games on purpose? Don't you wish there was a way to get rid of all those quits? Well have no fear, because your chance to lose your quit rate is here!
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