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Valentine's Day is Here!
Valentine’s Day is right around the corner an you can show your love for your loved ones by gifting them Love Chocolates! Check out the mouth-watering Chocolate Comet and Sweet Love Club Set in Pangya Shop. We also have the couple tee shirts; Star Tee and Heart Tee or His Tee and Her Tees. When two or more players put on a couples tee shirt and play a versus game, everyone in the room will receive a double clear bonus! We have also added Chocolate Gift Box that has a chance of rewarding a special outfit! Visit the Pangya Shop Today!
Year of the Horse Event
2014 is the Year of the Horse! To celebrate this year, we are giving you all the chance to acquire your very own Horse mask! Play games to have a chance to acquire Horseshoes and craft those Cadie's Cauldron to acquire a Year of the Horse Box to have a chance to win a Horse Mask!
Arin & Nell's New Outfits
Fashionistas of Arin & Nell players rejoice! New collection of outfits for both Arin and Nell will be available starting from 01/22(after maintenance). Look chic and modern with Arin’s new set of outfits, or how about cute and pink with Nell’s new outfits. Try it on in the shop after this new update!
2014 Lucky Pouch
Hello Pangyateers! It is finally here! 2014 Lucky Pouches have arrived in Pangya Island and will be available in the shop starting 01/22(after maintenance) until 02/05. The 2014 Lucky Pouches will be available in the shop and will have a chance to win 1 item from its pool of rewards.
New Year Shopping Bonus
Quit Rate
Shop Update
New Items have been added to the shop! Give Nell or Spika a stylish new hair cut or check out the new Titan Cleansing Powder that will take your club sets back to its default state.
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