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Grand Prix Card Pack
To celebrate the release of Grand Prix in Pangya, we are releasing a special card pack that will be sold for a limited time. This special pack contains SuperRare cards such as Quma(SSR), Titan Boo(SC), Mingti(SC) and much more! It also have secret cards. Try and win them all within the limited time! For more details on what’s contained inside the card pack, check the event page.
Grand Prix
New and exciting game mode for Pangya is finally here! The name is Grand Prix mode and it offers so many different variety of gameplay. How about a quick strokes battle? You’ll be timed so you won’t have time to calculate your shots! How about no wind game for beginners? There are much more new and exciting matches to be had in Grand Prix mode!
Double Bonus, Double Fun!
Did you want more EXP? How about Masteries? What about Rain? Did someone mention Gacha? We have it all! For the next 2 weeks, we will provide everyone with double bonuses for all! Check the event news page for more info on the exact schedule of these bonuses!
Sweet Days
It was rumored that in some parts of Pangya Island a tradition is had where people who had received Chocolates from others during Valentine’s Day must repay the favor by providing them with candies. To celebrate that strange tradition we are secretly planting candies inside hole cups all around Pangya Island. Play and find some sweet candies or gift it to someone dear to you in the shop!
Grand Tour
Go on a tour with us, around Pangya Island! During the limited event period, play all 19 Courses to its full 18 holes and you will receive a reward at the end of the event period. You can complete all 19 Courses and its 18 holes up to 3 full times and receive a reward. Please check below for more details on your rewards.
Play to Win
Hello Pangyateers! We have a special event cooked up just for you! An event fit for the most hardcore of all players! For 2 weeks, complete as many holes as you can and receive a gift for your valuable efforts! More holes you complete, better the prize! Check below for more information on the rewards.
Big Bundles, Big Save
Hello Pangyateers! Are you sick of buying small 300 batches of Time Boosters? Don’t you wish you could just buy 3750 Time Boosters and receive a special coupon? Well, your chance is here! For a limited time, you can buy big bundles of Time Boosters, Auto Calipers..heck we’ll even throw in Club Workshop Pack and Special Card Packages. Buy now to receive a special Promotion Coupon to get your own Figure Skating Outfit for Lucia!
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