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Interface Club Type The Swing Putting Controls Video
Pangya can be controlled almost entirely with the mouse.
However, some players might prefer using the keyboard or a combination of the two.
Camera Reset Space Bar Left Click
Club Selection PgUp / PgDn -
Curve and Spin Arrow Keys Scroll Wheel
Free Camera Arrow Keys Middle Button
Free Zoom Shift + Up Down Key
Power Shot Mode - -
View Score Tab -
Inventory I -
Chat Box Enter -
Messenger On/Off Delete Key -
Camera Hold Hold space bar on impact -
Top View Number Pad0 Right Mouse Button
Map View Ctrl + Number Pad0 Ctrl + Right Mouse Button
Landing Zone Number Pad1 -
Hide Opponent's Ball Marker H -
Hide Interface Ctrl + H -
Macro Screen ' -
Emote Screen Ctrl + E -
ScreenShot F11 -