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Counting the Days until 6/06!
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We have two weeks before a whole new season hits Pangya Island. Count down the days with us by logging in every day until 6/06. You may find unexpected gifts in your mailbox.

  • WHEN:5/23/2012 ~ 6/06/2012
  • WHAT:Log into Pangya everday to receive daily gifts in your mail box.

* Unexpected Gifts You May Find

Day 1 Mysterious Token (Bronze) x 1
Day 2 Time Booster x 100
Day 3 Auto Calipers x 100
Day 4 Pang Mastery x 50
Day 5 Silent Wind x 10
Day 6 Mysterious Token (Silver) x 1
Day 7 Lemmy (1day)
Day 8 Puff (1day)
Day 9 Cocoa (1day)
Day 10 Cocoa (1day)
Day 11 Mysterious Token (Gold) x 1

* Mystery Tokens will turn into something spectacular on 6/06. Make sure to collect them all!

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