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GB.R6.729.00 Patch Note MAR.06.2014
GB.R6.729.00 Patch Note

Gacha # 59: Knuckle Ring Sets
-New Knuckle Ring Sets have been added to Gacha, and they are available for all characters
--Each set comes with 4 items: Golden Knuckle Ring, Shooting Star Knuckle Ring, Silver Wind Knuckle Ring, and Angel Heart Knuckle Ring
---Angel Heart & Silver Wind Knuckle Rings each have a chance to reduce the Wind’s strength to 0
--New Bath Towel Set for Spika added to Gacha
---Bath Towel Set includes Pink Bath Towel, Wet Hair, and Pedicure items

Big Bundle, Big Save (3/6)
-Bundles from our Big Bundle, Big Save Event will be available in the Pangya Shop for one more day only (available until 11:59 PM PST on 3/6)

Grand Tour Event (3/5~3/19)
-Play all 18 holes from each of Pangya’s 19 courses to receive rewards at the end of this event

--Do this a total of 1 time to receive:
---Star Boost Candy x20
---Key of Fortune x1
---2013 Papel Box x5 
---Fairy's Tears x50
---Nitro Pang Mastery x20

--Do this a total of 2 times to receive:
---Star Boost Candy x40
---Key of Fortune x2
---2013 Papel Box x10
---Fairy's Tears x100
---Nitro Pang Mastery x40

---Do this a total of 3 times to receive:
---Star Boost Candy x80
---Key of Fortune x4
---2013 Papel Box x20
---Fairy's Tears x200
---Nitro Pang Mastery x80

--Only holes played in Tourney mode will count towards this event
--Prize information for this event was updated on March 17, 2014

[Cadie’s Cauldron Update]
 New items added to Cadie’s Cauldron
-Blue Bath Towel (S)
-Pink Bath Towel (S)

Black Papel Eye Mask (NL) now fits properly

Play to Win Event Rewards given out:
2297 players achieved 1st stage
884 players achieved 2nd stage
374 players achieved 3rd stage
240 players achieved 4th stage
1649 players achieved 5th stage

Gacha Set titles are not properly formatted (this will be resolved after next scheduled maintenance on 3/19)