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GB.R5.639.00 Patch Note SEP.05.2012
* Stay Fresh, Play Pangya.
- Newly Joining Pangya Island? Just log in and receive Freshman 2012 Title along with other goodies.
- Freshman 2012, keep playing Pangya and get to Junior E to receive a Duo Feather Club Set!
- All of Freshman 2012 are automatically entered into a leveling race. Top 100 players will receive an honorable title along with other goodies.

* Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors!
- Have you been playing Pangya for over a year? Two years? Or perhaps three? Just log in and receive our 'Thank you' prize.
- Pick up those club sets and hit the greens. Complete a 3 hole game and receive another care package.

* Happy Birthday Nell
- Congratulations on completing the Oriens, Inferno mission for Nell's Birthday Event. 2x EXP 2x Pang Event will be held on 9/8~9/9
- Check out our Facebook and join the fun photo share event

* First Time Buyer Package, get super useful items for half the price!

* Wizzy and Wikky from Ping your Pangya Friends (April 2012) have been removed.
* Treasure Hunt 2012 web board remains accessible for 1 more day (~9/06/2012 PDT) to accommodate those players who experienced errors on 9/05/2012, please make sure to use all your dice before midnight!