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"Ok, I'll give it a shot!"

Age 15
Career 1 year of golf, 2 months of Pangya
Hobbies Karate, Action Movies, Games
Specialties Irons

While searching for a device that would allow him to fly further, Nuri developed a passion for golf. Nuri came to know Pangya through the fairy Pippin. It was through her invitation that he was sent to the Island of Pangya. His even pace makes him a consistent player. His play style is delicate and controlled, but he does not have a powerful swing. However, what he lacks in power, he makes up for with control.

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"Pangya? Sounds Fun!"

Age 14
Career 1 year of golf, 2 months of Pangya
Hobbies Collecting Hair Ribbons, Fashion Magazines
Specialties Irons

Quma invited Hana to the island of Pangya because of her great comet control. Her stable personality makes her a consistent player; but she lacks the power of a veteran player. However, she makes up for this with her great focus, calm play style and her special ability to curve her shots.

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"Who you calling old?!"

Age 41
Career Driving Range, 3 months of Pangya
Hobbies Working-out, Eating, Drinking, Detective Movies, Biking (He doesn't have a car)
Specialties Woods

It was Lolo who told Azer about Pangya Island. It's only been 3 months since he stepped onto the Island, but he already has the mind of a Pro. His games are full of fun and surprises due to his hot temper. However, when it comes to making quick decisions, no one compares to Azer the ex-cop. His ability to analyze the situation and make decision in a limited time brings out the best in him on the field. His shots have great power because of his age and the experience that comes with it.

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"Feel the wind, read the earth, win the game!"

Age 27
Career 8 Months of Pangya
Hobbies Reading (Politics, Military Studies, and Engineering)
Specialties Woods

Cecilia is a captain on the battle cruiser Silvia, but she is a mechanic at heart. Her ability to analyze problems has gained her the trust of everyone on the ship. With her brilliant mind and brilliant looks, it’s not surprising that she has a large following. She represents the cruiser Silvia in the Pangya Tournament. She excels in Pangya thanks to her sense of direction and ability to calculate distance, but her perfectionist nature sometimes holds her back.

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"My secret wish..."

Age 23
Career 9 years of Tennis, 1 month of Pangya
Hobbies Collecting supercars, motorcycles, light airplanes.
Specialties Woods

Max is a well-known professional tennis player from Britain. He lived his life as a super star but always had a secret wish that he kept to himself. Because he came from a poor family, he started playing sports for college scholarships. However, sports wasn't where his heart was. He had always dreamt of becoming an aircraft pilot. He occasionally flies his private jet to remind himself. The jet one day broke down and he was about to smash into the ocean; when the Chronos Clan came to save him. He's been on the Pangya Island for a month now. No one thinks he plans on going home anytime soon. He was fascinated with the machines and technology of Pangya Island. When he heard about Ceclia, the captain of the cruiser Silvia was participating in the Pangya Tournament, his heart was set. The tournament gave him the perfect opportunity to get close to Cecilia.

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"I'm a pirate! Arrr!"

Age 11
Career 7 Months of Pangya
Hobbies Cleaning Cannons, Blaming her Crew, Collecting Dolls and Weapons
Specialties Irons

Kooh is the young captain of the infamous pirate ship "Lunar Tomb." Nobody dares to sail into the Bartos region when Kooh is there. Kooh's life-long search for her lost father who went missing after the battle with the Demon King continues. Some people began to believe that her father joined the dark forces of the Demon King.

To prove her father's innocence, she is headed to Libera where the battle took place many years ago. She may be young, but she is more experienced than the average adult. Her shots have high power and good control. She still needs to learn more things such as spin and control.

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"10 years of experience!"

Age 20
Career 11 Months of Pangya
Hobbies Cooking
Specialties Irons

Do you see that young lady entrancing the audience with her magic tricks? Her name is Arin. She comes from a long line of magicians. She may not be a natural born magician like Cadie or Tiki, but she graduated at the top of her class from Wiz Wiz. Her popularity has never been greater during the last 10 years of her career.

So why did she enter the Pangya Competition? When she first saw Max playing Pangya she instantly fell in love; she is a girl after all! To be in the same game with Max, Arin has trained herself in Pangya. She now plays like a pro. However, she keeps making silly mistakes when Max is in sight. When Max isn't there, her true performer nature comes out. Her magic trick that turns her dove into a club amazes everyone every time. She performs better when an audience is present. The hearts you see that trail behind her comet are meant for Max, she says.

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"The boy with a long shadow and sad eyes"

Age 18
Career 12 years of fencing, 3 months of Pangya
Hobbies Knife Play, Fencing, Meditation
Specialties All

The boy you see walking into the sunset is the most powerful of the Rue Clan, and the most cursed. The Rue clan is Infamous for their excellent swordsmanship and dreadful dark magic. The boy travels with a cloud of evil around him. Everything he touches seems to swirl in his uneasy dark aura.

His name is Kaz. He is the successor of an Evil Lord who was been sealed by the ancient Pangya heroes.

However, there is sadness in his eyes. The boy doesn't remember anything from his past. As he walks, a sad spirit holds him gently. The spirit is called Karen, she loved Kaz in life. She always looked out for him. She gave up her life to make sure that Kaz would not become the next Evil Lord. Sadly, Kaz has no recollection of her sacrifice or these events.

The Pangya Tournament is calling to him, perhaps he will find his past once more!

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"Meet Lucia. The cute and adorable pop idol!"

Age 17
Career 1 year of singing, 1 month of Pangya
Hobbies Collecting jewelry
Specialties She isn't sure yet...

Lucia is the biggest pop star on the market. Her silky pink hair that sways as she sings and dances have captivated her fans all over the world. They always make a scene as they try to get closer to her to take a better picture. Her snappy comments however, may take some time to get used to.

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"Nell has a secret that can't be shared."

Career 1 year of Golf
Hobbies Spending time with Pepper
Specialties Learning new things
Specialty Club All Clubs

Nell was born from Demon King's heart. Nell was raised by Cadie, the greatest witch of the Pangya Island, and is completely unaware of this dark past. Perhaps the mysterious power Nell displays is something that belongs to the Demon King? Maybe an inception from Cadie?

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New Badge

"Let me break that for you!"

Age 16
Career Researcher
Hobbies Breaking and rebuilding devices
Specialties Woods

Spika has landed on Pangya Island. Although her initial landing was by pure accident, her curiosity convinced her to stay on Pangya Island. Her current goal is to research the magic energy of Pangya Island and bring the technology back to her planet Zephyr (WZ 818C). She can always be seen with a device called Roi who is her trusted companion. She loves to break and rebuild devices, and Roi is often the victim.

She seems to be enjoying her stay on Pangya Island. Her favorite food on Pangya Island is Wizberry Snowflakes (a sweet dessert made with ice from the alpines near Wiz Wiz, and berries from Maga Valley on top). She has already become friends with Cecilia and the Wingtross Corporation due to their common enthusiasm for technology.

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